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Stone conservation tips

Stone conservation is mainly stone because of the environment, man-made, stone itself and other factors formed by the stone disease problem, through the stone care treatment, the original stone reproduction of the glory, that is, stone renovation. Usually encountered in the external walls of water seepage, pollution, weathering will form a glossy wear problems, then you need to stone professional stone conservation. Shi Dafu on our common stone problems, the interpretation of a few stone care tips on the following aspects of governance:
1, stone wall seepage and pollution: immediately wipe with a wet cloth can be, without the use of cleaning agents.
2, the water spot to avoid: before the construction of multi-functional protective agent or special stone care agent for stone waterproofing.
3, Baihua treatment: the appearance of the stone for the protection and strengthening the sealing of the waterproof function.
4, the treatment of rust: stone doctor stone derusting agent, can effectively eliminate the rust and do not damage the stone, which is the way behind the remedy, in fact, the best stone or stone before the installation of good conservation, so that rust can not be immersed in water Stone inside, that rust on the no landed.
5, the treatment of stains: the selection of appropriate stone special cleaning agents are able to effectively remove, such as oil stains can be used in addition to stone stove, pigment spots can be used stone doctor treatment agent.
6, wax scale treatment: the use of decontamination in addition to wax agent, which can effectively remove the stone surface and the pores within the wax scale and does not damage the stone luster.
7, the treatment of wear: stone doctor polish polish for the appearance of treatment, or regular stone renovation polishing.
Stone is a fashionable, rich decorative materials, stone conservation methods are also more exceptionally, just clean the stone must use special cleaning agent, the general cleaning agent not only can not reach the effect, but also some of the fluoride to stay in the stone, Hurt the stone. Therefore, Shi Dafu that in the stone care on the road, master the stone care tips after the need to pay attention to the use of stone conservation agent, after all, "Qiaoqiao difficult for rice without straw", with the technical and material to get satisfactory results.
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